About Anders Fager

Born, for no apparent reason, 1964 in Stockholm. Grew up in suburbia, surviving a kid brother, punk rock and dyslexia. Exposed to role-playing and wargames in my early teens I was involved in the first infant steps of the Swedish RPG-scene in the early 1980's. Some people still remember my part in of in a found way.

Real life then swept me away and left me with an officers' commission and a degree in classical history. Neither has proved to be particularly useful. After a life full of amazing disasters I came back to the gaming scene around 2001. That led on to writing and landed me where I am today. I've been writing stuff for a long time, but I've never been published for real before 2009.

I now work as a writer and to my surprise I also teach writing a bit. Some of my students have actually been published. Somehow I manage to make a living. It is fun but not something I would recommend if you are a person of expensive habits. I live in Stockholm surrounded by strange pensioners and thirty-something divorcees. If I had the time I would like to read a lot more more and take some time off to tour the world with a rock band.

My favorite colour is black. And just like August Strindberg I once worked in a library and I don't like dogs at all.

Me with Amanda Hellberg at the Gotheburg book fair 2011. Something just exploded off-stage left.

If you for some reason need high resolution photos of me click "pressfoto".

What happened to the games? And the funny guy who made them?

Late 2008 saw the release of a book of horror short stories I'd written. Nobody cared much untill a review blew me up as the best thing since sliced bread. Becoming a father had less impact on my life, as then I had a year to prepare for my son's arrival. This just hit me.

Sufficient to say is that since then things has been a bit crazy and this writing thing has taken on a life if its own. A life that pays my rent, none the less. This has unfortunately given me very little time to work on games. Gottick Game´s operations is therefore in limbo for the time being. Hopefully I will get time to sort things out.

For those who care Swedish Cults is full of interesting spatter-porn, tentacles and women from Borås. It is out in Swedish, Finnish & French. The setting has also been made into a very fine role-playing game. The I'll do for Mutant Chronicles' Siege of the Citalel in 2017 will be my first gaming gig in ages.