What was previously new


Fantastic comic book adaption of The Furies of Borås. Teenagers, gore and teen cannibals. Published by Pagina Förlag. More info here.

A massive collection of post-apocalyptic short-stories.The sky came down. But they where survivors. Now they try to survive in the zone that once was Stockholm. Published by Fria Ligan. More info here.

Winter 2015

An anthology of Swedish sci-fi. Features my "Queer Noveau 2.0" about Paris, sex and aliens. Published by ETC.

Will Cornelia & Nyarlatotep wreck Stockholm and the rest of the world? Pocket published by Undrentide. More info here. Nice rewiev here. Rewiew in english here.

Fall 2015

An epic adventure for the Swedish Cults RPG. The Queen in Yellow likes to start an art collection. Art, ABBA and tentacles. Published by Saga Games. More info here.

Summer 2015


Part of this very cool anthology. Great stuff. The translation i supposed to be great. Buy it here.

Spring 2015

"Les Furies de Borås" was shortlisted for the French GPI. was our translator, Carine Bruy. Did not win, tough. Bummer.


One novel
One children's book
One role-playing game based on my works
A remake on an old role-playing game supplement of mine
Four short stories
One "transmedial play" (yes)
Half a play for the theatre
Half a graphic novel
Drafted out the first season of a tv-series (with a lot of help)

I also got married and turned 50. Will take things slower next year.

Winter 2014

Staged a "transmedial play" or whatnot about the swedish biologist Ida Charlotta Lessander (1857-1914) at Kungsstensgymnasiet in Stockholm. You can read more about at http://idacharlotta.nu/ - it was a feminist, mushroom-eating horror story. It also has a nice facebook page.

Fall 2014

Otherwise very busy right now writing a theatrical adoption of two of my short stories. The whole thing will be called "The Queen in Yellow". But that is about as much as I can tell now.

And the RPG!!! It can be had from here.

Summer 2014

Mutant År Noll is very much out. I'm very happy to have written for this classic. Check out a glorious Swedish RPG here.

Moi, l'horreur boréale. Great French reviewhere.

Even cuter 50-Shades of Grey-spoof up. In swedish. Online for free. Here.

Chlidren's book out now. Great stuff.Click here to learn more.

I'm part of the horror anthology "Stockholms Undergång" (The end of Stockholm). Great stuff by great writers. Check it out here.

Spring 2014

• Visit Rötmyren. Cool short story set in the magnificent swedish RPG-universe Mutant. Here.

• French edition of Cults is out. It can be orderd here.

Winter 2013

SACRIFICED FOR SCIENCE. Three of my stories are dissected in AT ONE WITH NATURE
An Ecocritical Study of the Nature Motif in Three Swedish Horror Writers
by Lars Martinsson. It feels wierd beyond wierd and then some.

Cool picture replaced by new cool picture. But dang, I look cool in this one.

Jag såg henne i dag i receptionen (I saw her today at the reception) is out in pocket and can be ordered from here. And "Whoot? New chick?" Yepp. We thought it would be cool for the pocket cover. The model is Noukka Signe.

Fall 2013

Sample art for the children's book.

Fall 2013 - I'm writing some short stories for Fria Ligans's RPG Mutant År Noll (Mutant Year One). Great fun. See the trailer here.

Summer 2013

• My next book will be a novel to be called "A man of wealth and taste". It will be out late this fall.

• ME SPEAK ENGLISH!!! Read interview here.

Spring 2013

French bookdeal signed. Moi to be published by Mirobole Editions.

Fall 2012

• Will publish a children's book in 2014. Den Elaka Vikarien (The evil substitute teacher) will be full of rymes and violence.

• A nice review of Jag såg henne i dag i receptionen. And another.

Summer 2012

• Swedish Cults is now published in Finnish by Atena. Pohjoiset kultit, anyone?

• Movie adoptation underway. It will be great, eventually. Read the hype here.

Fall 2011

• Gothenburg book fair.