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Smutsig Svart Sommar
(Dirty Black Summer)

Pagina 2016

Graphic Novel (With Daniel Thollin)

Kaknäs sista band
(Kaknäs last tape)

Fria Ligan 2015

Fragmented Novel

En man av stil och smak
(A man of wealth and taste)

Wahlström & Wistrand 2014
Undrentide 2015


Den elaka vikarien
(The Evil Substitute)

Bonnier Carlsen 2014

Children's book. With Daniel Thollin

Jag såg henne idag i receptionen
(I saw her today at the reception)

Wahlström & Wistrand 2012
Månpocket 2013


Samlade Svenska Kulter
(Collected Swedish Cults)

Wahlström & Wistrand 2011
Månpocket 2011

Omnibus including
Svenska Kulter
Artöverskridande Förbindelser
Du kan inte leva

Du kan inte leva
(You cannot live)

Released as part of Samlade Svenska Kulter 2011

Short stories
Fragment IX
Harder hardest
Fragment X
The maid’s staircase
Fragment XI
The queen in yellow
Fragment XII
Executioner blonde

Artöverskridande förbindelser
(Interspecies Liaisons)

Released as part of Samlade Svenska Kulter 2011

Short stories
When death came to Bodreef
Fragment V
Playing with Liam
Fragment VI
Herr Goering’s artefact
Fragment VII
Three weeks of bliss
Fragment VIII
One spot on the Western Bridge

Svenska Kulter
(Swedish Cults)

Månpocket 2010
Man av skugga förlag 2009

Short stories
The furies from Borås
Fragment I
Grandmas' journey
Fragment II
The wish of the broken man
Fragment III
Happy forever in Östermalm
Fragment IV
Miss Witts' great work of art


This only lists my published fiction. I've long since lost track of the gaming and history-related articles I've written over the years.

Queer Noveau 2.0

     ETC 2015

Fem timmar
(Five Hours)

     Undrentide 2014

The Bounoapartes

     Paradox Entertainment 2014

Jenny hänger i persiennsnöret
(Jenny is hanging from the blind cord)

     Free online short story. 2013 Klick. Here.

Vilen och jätten
(Vilen and the gigant)

     Semic 2012.

Fel Nummer
(Wrong Number)

     Mix Förlag 2011

Barnen På Taket
(The kids on the roof)

     Free online short story. 2010 Klick. Here.