För Gudinnan // For the love of goddess
(Fria Ligan, 2017)

Evas första vecka som död//Eve’s first week being dead

(Storytell, 2017)

Smutsig Svart Sommar // Dirty Black Summer
(Pagina 2016)
Graphic Novel with Daniel Thollin.

Kaknäs sista band // Kaknäs last tape
(Fria Ligan 2015)Kaknäs last tape contains:
-The first step on the Uppercountry
-The dogs of Kings Curve
-In the darkness of Rotbog
-The steel pact
-Understanding the deviant
-A cold one in the canal
-The hero of Hammer Hill
-Around the camp fire
-A study in scrap
-Järva shade and shrub 


En man av stil och smak // A man of wealth and taste
(Hardcover version: Wahlström & Wistrand 2014)
(Pocket version: Undrentide 2015)

Den elaka vikarien // The Evil Substitute
(Bonnier Carlsen 2014)
Children’s book with Daniel Thollin.


Jag såg henne idag i receptionen // I saw her today at the reception
(Hardcover version: Wahlström & Wistrand 2012)
(Pocket version: Månpocket 2013)


Samlade Svenska Kulter // Collected Swedish Cults
(Hardcover version: Wahlström & Wistrand 2011)
(Pocket version Månpocket 2011)
(Re-release, Fria Ligan, 2017)
Omnibus including:
-Svenska Kulter
-Artöverskridande Förbindelser
-Du kan inte leva

Du kan inte leva // You cannot live
(Released as part of Samlade Svenska Kulter 2011)

Short stories in this collection:
-Fragment IX
-Harder hardest
-Fragment X
-The maid’s staircase
-Fragment XI
-The queen in yellow
-Fragment XII
-Executioner blond

Artöverskridande förbindelser // Interspecies Liaisons
(Released as part of Samlade Svenska Kulter 2011)Short stories in this collection:
-When death came to Bodreef
-Fragment V
-Playing with Liam
-Fragment VI
-Herr Goering’s artefact
-Fragment VII
-Three weeks of bliss
-Fragment VIII
-One spot on the Western Bridge


Svenska Kulter // Swedish Cults
(Hardcover version: Man av skugga förlag 2009)
(Pocket version: Månpocket 2010)
Short stories in this collection:
-The furies from Borås
-Fragment I
-Grandmas’ journey
-Fragment II
The wish of the broken man
-Fragment III
-Happy forever in Östermalm
-Fragment IV
-Miss Witts’ great work of art